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locking handle clip lead and harness.jpg
locking handle clip lead and harness.jpg

Why we made it

We love to take our pack of 5, yes 5 out with us when ever we can, but found securing them when we wanted to eat out a bit of a handful!

Do we hold the lead, sit on the lead or un-clip them and secure to the table.......

This is where the City Walker, Park Stroller came from, now with a locking handle clip we can easily secure them nearly anywhere without loosing control.

From Pub Chairs to Wheel Chairs

Our leads easily clip onto wheel chairs, making walking the dog hands free and stress free.

Our very own Secret Agent Wilson tested out our leads and harnesses before anyone else and now he can independently walk Ralph.

Agent Wilson does such a great job go check him out on Instagram @wilson_bloomfield

" My favourite person is David Attenborough, I love all animals but my favourites are Sloths, Giraffes and Penguins."

~Agent Wilson 2022

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