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Who We Are



Head of Social Media


Quality Assurance Manager

Huxley has been a valued member of our team since he has so much energy to test everything! He is a key part of assuring we provide high quality products and that our clients receive top-notch merchandise.

"I'm a work-a-holic, I love to bark about my job. I test everything even the packaging and boxes the stock arrives in!" Huxley

Meet The Team: Meet The Team


Merchandise Buyer

We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful Merchandise Buyer. When Peaches took the role, we knew we made a terrific staffing decision, and we haven’t been disappointed since.


"I love to find unique, good quality and small merchandise, I can sniff out a good product" Peaches 


Social Media Manager

CocoPop is one of the youngest member of the team, she has lots of energy and is a very creative thinker.  Social media comes second nature to this young pup.  CocoPop is responsible for planning and implementing, managing and monitoring the company's social media strategy. 

" Social is my middle name, since joining Peaches & Huxley I have thrived in my new role. I'm happy in front and behind the camera" CocoPop

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