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  • Introducing Peaches and Huxley’s City Walker Park Stroller Lead.

    In Baby Blue with a soft Grey padded neoprene handle for comfort.

    From Pub chairs to wheelchairs, this unique multi use lead is a game changer

    1 Lead Different Lengths

    Adjust to any length between 152cm-92cm.

    Giving you more control in busy areas and then your pooch more freedom in open spaces.

    Adjust to your perfect height so you and your dog are comfortable.

    Locking Handle Clip.

    Ever been out for lunch with your pooch and had to secure them to a table? With the upgraded locking handle clip that provides extra strength for larger breeds.

    Can be used for wheelchair users, dining out, car headrest restraint*, buggy/pram**, walking belts/belts…….

    Premium Screw Carabiner

    Do you have an escape artist or just want extra security, the screwing carabiner closes around the Dring giving you peace of mind your pooch is secure.

    D ring for your poop bag is also part of the “City Walker, Park Stroller” lead.

    Get the set!

    Matching Bow Tie Collar, Adjustable Harness and our poop bag holder.

    Also in Candy Pop ballon dog, Pop Rock balloon dog and coming soon in Moo a cow print with yellow neoprene padded handle.

    *Use with a harness if travelling

    **Do not use if your dog is known to lunge or pull when attached to a pram/stroller.

    ***always check for wear and tear and any cheeky chewing!

    City Walker Park Stroller Lead


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