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  • Pop Rock Poop Bag Holder
    Introducing Peaches and Huxley’s Party Animal Collection in Candy Pop. 
    A bright Teal and hot Pink balloon dog print on soft neoprene. Zip opening and black metal clip to attach to your lead.
    Each pouch has enough room for 2 rolls of poop bags so you can always have 1 spare, or pop in your mini anti bac or key.
    Every poop bag holder comes with a complimentary roll of poop bags.
    Get the set! 
    Matching Bow Tie Collar, Adjustable Harness and our new City Walker, Park Stroller Lead.
    Also in Pop Rock a cobalt blue and forest green.
    **always check for wear and tear and any cheeky chewing!

    Poop Bag Dispenser ~ Candy Pop


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