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  • Cool Mesh Dog Harness Under the Sea - Pirate Octopus Blue and Black
    If you love getting wet, going for a swim or just get a bit too hot on walks this harness is for you.
    COOL and LIGHTWEIGHT with EASY to put on and off touch fastener Closures.  Heavy Duty touch fastener allows your pooch freedom to run, jump and swim! Features Nylon Core D-Ring Sewn on Strip. 
    Includes Matching lead
    Cool Netted Mesh for hot summer days
    Our Proprietary Nyla-bond D-Ring connection for superb Strength.  (D-Ring connect to extra layer of Nylon webbing under the fabric)
    Very Easy On and Off with Hook and Loop Closure
    Extra High Strength Hook and Loop connection. (Will not open)

    Step In Harness- Cool Mesh with Lead -Under The Sea

    £23.99 Regular Price
    £9.00Sale Price

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